Monday, November 15, 2010

Different mind set

It's about having an attitude of "gratitude."  At least that's what I learned in this week's sermon. :) 

So reading a book by Henry Cloud...and well it's a different approach than most Christian philosophers.  Dating is a way in which we learn about ourselves and learning how to relate with others.  It's also an opportunity to serve others.  Wow.  With that new approach, I definitely can have more of a positive outlook toward dating as for most people it can be pretty exhausting!   In essence, I love meeting new people and getting to know them and developing new & wonderful relationships.  Although, dates can be a one shot deal, you still can learn a lot from people.  Why people are the way they are... how they became that way...what affects them.  It's all really interesting.  Anyway, I hope that this refresh my energy and outlook toward it all.  It's a small part of life yet we at times focus TOO much on it.... I'm probably guilty of that at times. 

Recently, I've been focusing on other personal projects that's been MORE healthy:  decluttering, exercising, and building on my hobbies. :)  It's been fun.  Who knows what 2011 will bring as it is right around the corner!!!

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