Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Update

Lesson learned... I always knew that what you experience on the phone versus in person can be so different.  At the same time, I did sense "something" in terms of knowing that it just would not work out.

One can get overwhelmed when someone is too forward or expressive about their feelings BEFORE they even meet you...

When you are so easily smitten, it's a sign of eagerness and desperation.... and sir, that is NOT attractive.  I hope that I never come off like that to anyone.  If so, I would not blame them for running the other way.

For me, if you try too hard, say too much too soon, it will push me toward a different direction.  That is what I realized about myself.

Also sadly, weight does matter... it reflects their lifestyle.  If someone is overweight it tells me a few things:

1. They are not active enough
2. They don't care about their health.
3. Food sort of consumes their life.
4. They don't care about their looks.

I have issues with food...that I'm constantly working on.  But I would say I'm average weight, not overweight.  I think someone is overweight when they have a belly...and that is the worst kind of unhealthy weight.

Having a desk job, I feel my butt getting numb & wide and this is NOT a good thing.  I'm always happy to get up and walk around.  Always thinking, how can I get out of this chair and move today????

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