Monday, October 11, 2010

Very Last Date

I am seriously flawed... and I must have issues.  So after the "talk," Mr. Young and I still decided to hang out one more time (mainly so that I can give him a gift that I got from my recent travels and he also wanted me to come out to hang with his brother & friends originally that fateful night). 

I will say it was one of the most funnest dates that we had to this date.  Isn't it crazy that I felt most like a couple on our very last date than any other?

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So we went to eat dinner at this posh Asian fusion restaurant.  We both liked our dish and we talked about this and that.  We planned to meet up with his brother & his friends at a local Irish pub where his brother's friend was singing in a band.  We had a few drinks, mingled, and basically danced the night away as the cover band played til 1:30am.  It was funny because I was the shortest of the crew.  The guys were 6'4, 6'5, 6'7 and 6'6.  I felt so short....I thought: "so this is how it feels to be short.  Everything looks so different."  Lol.  It was quite an experience.  It was fun to hang out with his brother & friends... I was happy to be dancing, singing along, and pretending that this wasn't going to be our last date. 

We spent our last hours talking and just enjoying each other's company.  Neither of us talked about how it would be the last time we'd see each other or how sad we were until the very last hour. 

I gave him a pouty face. =(
As he said, "Don't be sad."
me: "Why? Because you are not sad?"
Mr. young: "No, I'm sad too. But it's easier b/c we know it is the best thing for both of us."
I sadly nodded in agreement. 

It's funny because eventhough I'm the one that ended it, it felt a bit like he ended it because I more emotional about it.  I try to keep it in and not show it too much because who wants to sulking to be the last memory?  In the end it was easier for me too because I could see that he accepted and understood the situation.  My fear was hurting him, but to know that I didn't to the degree that I feared, I was relieved.  He made it so easy for me to walk away because he was so understanding and mature about it.  I guess we both knew the fate of this relationship but we had still wanted to try to see where it could go (hoping for a fairy tale ending).  I just didn't want to get more attached and lead him on when I knew that it would have to end. 

Our last night was a fun night to remember.  I haven't danced like that in awhile.  I haven't let myself go in that way in awhile.  We enjoyed the night for what it was with no regrets.  Who knew that a dating affair could end so well?   Our mutual care and understanding of the situation made it so much easier to bare.  I do miss him ...but I will do my best to make a clean cut break because we all know that is the "best" thing to do...

So Mr. Young, thank you and good bye.  May you accomplish all that you have set out to you deserve the very best~

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  1. although it isn't a fairy tale ending, it is a beginning to an end and perhaps the start of your new fairy tale. goodbye mr. young, hello mr. right.