Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Mr. Hypothetical

It's fun to run across someone that is really interesting to talk to because they have so much to say. LOL.

So, Mr. Hypothetical loves to pose hypothetical questions and digress into details of the unknown.  He proclaims that he asks a lot of hypothetical questions because it helps him get to know how someone thinks, etc.  Our first conversation was a VERY interesting because we were talking about dreams, subconscious & the conscientious.  Then of course of about honesty, brutal vs. buffer.  I definitely feel like I'm very honest ... but in a sugar coat way.  I don't like to be mean or say things that doesn't need to be said per say.  Especially in a dating situation, I will tell someone that I am not interested by saying that "I did not feel a connection beyond friendship."  I won't straight up tell them WHY.   Because the WHY is very hurtful...such that they were too boring, too crude, too whatever. 
The Complete Book of Questions: 1001 Conversation Starters for Any Occasion
He had a lot to say in detail as he digress into one topic to the next, and many questions as he kept saying: "Okay so let me ask you this..."  followed up with a question that would continue the conversation for many more hours...

Due to so many digressions and such, it ended up being over a 3 hour conversation!!!  Some guys I talk to I can't wait to get off the phone, but he kept on and there really wasn't a moment to say "I gotta go."  It was really late and I was getting tired talking to Mr. H so at some points during the conversation I did zone out...and had to have him repeat himself.  Oooops!  He probably thought I was a ditz!  Haha.  But our talk was intriguing and deep enough that I did not mind being on the phone that long.

His phone ran out of battery which was the only reason I think we stopped talking... or it could have gone all night!  Eeek!  So I don't know what I think about him YET, but nonetheless a very interesting conversationalist.  He did mention how it was very easy to talk to me and I was very articulate.  I hate to hoot my own horn (ok not really), but this has been said to be many times that I'm a good conversationalist which he agreed and gave me a "gold star."   Lol. 

So today I get one gold star... now I'm going to shoot for 100 more!  =)

Have you ever had a conversation so interesting that you didn't think to get off the phone?

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  1. I think you find him interesting. I hope the chemistry is there in person :)