Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Comeback

So what do you do when a chapter of the book that you thought you closed decided to re-open itself again?

That's the situation that I was faced with one week ago. 4 weeks ago, I had the "talk" with Mr. Young. We had ended things because I couldn't offer commitment and he could not promise me a definite future. In essence, we were in completely different life stage. As much as I liked him and was attracted to him, I accepted that I had to move onto better potential prospects.

A few weeks passed where I did date other people, slowly I started to forget and move on. I had a few disappointments as the month passed... along the way thinking about him wondering... "what if?" What if I was younger... what if he was older...what if he had his shit together?

Then exactly 3 weeks, I get a phone call as my caller ID read: "Mr. Young." What the heck? I didn't know why he was calling when we agreed that it was over and that to avoid future hurts that we would not talk or see each other. I answered the call and it was as if things were the same... Same laughter, same jokes, same comfort. Then, he said that he wanted to see me...

Whaaaaaaaaaat??? Why???

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